Hypnosis Clock Pocket Watch  - geralt / Pixabay


A swinging watch is synonymous with hypnosis.  Although seldom used today, it’s purpose was to occupy the  conscious mind while subconscious communication was established.  Hypnosis is a state of awareness dominated  by the subconscious mind, that part of you that manages your memories, beliefs, feelings and habits.  Using the techniques of hypnosis, relaxation, visualization, suggestion, and repetition, we can change our feelings, habits and beliefs, and enjoy better lives.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

We experience the world through our senses: vision, touch, hearing, smell, and taste.  From that never ending stream of data, we create a map of our expectations of the world in our mind.  We continually judge and categorize our experiences, ourselves, and others.  But, our internal representation is flawed by poor mental habits.   By using the techniques of NLP, which can be as simple as reframing an experience, we can readjust our maps, get out of our ruts, and improve our lives.