Huna – An ancient Hawaiian philosophy about our relationship with the world around us and our inner selves.

The following principles are from “Huna – Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living” by Serge Kahili King. Photos are from

Principle 1:  The world is what you think it is.  It is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, expectations and desires.   To improve your life, you have to become aware of the process by which this occurs and change yourself to change your reality.

Principle 2:  Where you end and something else begins is a fiction.  We are not separated but connected to all things and all people.  Our influence does not end at our fingertips. 

Principle 3: Energy flows where attention goes.  Our focus drives the movement of physical energy in the direction of what is of interest to us.  That in turn pulls in energy from outside us in accordance with principle 2 and creates connections, creativity, and manifestations.

Principle 4: Now is the moment of power. The past was made up of present moments. It does not exist now. The future will be created from present moments. It does not exist now. We have only the NOW in which to act to create our futures and alter our interpretation of the past.  

Principle 5: Love is “To be happy with someone or something and to share this happiness.”  It is an attitude and an action that drives us to greater positive behaviors and spirituality. 

Principle 6: All power comes from within. Being connected to all things, the God-spark, which is the source of all power and energy is within us as much as without us. We only have to look inside for to find it and harness it. 

Principle 7: Effectiveness is the measure of truth. The Huna mindset is “Does it work?”  There are no absolutes in a world created by men and women.  The goodness of a belief or behavior is judged by whether it provides a positive outcome. If it does not, abandon it and move on. 

Follow the link below to several interesting experiments you can do to experience Huna.